Innovation and

WLNA is a forward-looking company. We are constantly innovating and using technology to enhance our productivity and efficiency with the aim of delivering superior services to our customers.



Eye-Glass Picking Technology

The Eye-Glass Picking technology is currently on trial in our warehouse. It uses Augmented Reality to overlay information on the item’s location and handling data to an eye-piece mounted directly in the workers’ line of sight.

Enterprise Resource Planning System

WLNA uses an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to enable planning and real-time information sharing across our departments. It encompasses a warehouse and order management system.


Voice-Picking Technology

Instead of a conventional picking list printed on paper, our warehouse workers are equipped with the voice-picking system, which comprises a headset with microphone and a small computer mounted on a belt.

The computer communicates over Wi-Fi to the WMS. To retrieve a specific item, the worker speaks the order number into the microphone and is directed to its location.

Warehouse Management System

TheWarehouse Management System (WMS) is a web-based inventory management software to manage inbound and outbound stocks, facilitating picking and packing, processing and stocktaking. The system generates reports such as Advanced Shipping Notes and variance reports.

The WMS integrates with barcode scanning, voice-picking and eye-glass picking technologies to drive efficiency.