To keep your goods secure and bring you peace of mind, our facility has security measures including:

Access control: All employees and tenants have to access the various storage areas with contactless security cards. Special area such as the licensed warehouse will require the card to be specially programmed for access.

CCTV monitoring: Cameras monitor movement at the entry and exit points of the facility, corridors and within the warehouse, with video centrally monitored at the guard post, and recorded and backed up in our server room.

Physical security: Security guards protect the facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with patrols and access control at the entrance and exit of the facility.

Security for transported goods: Our trucks are equipped with electronic seal capabilities, where a set of unique codes are generated each time the storage compartment is opened. Once the truck is loaded and electronically sealed at our facility, the code will be sent to you for your verification when you receive your goods. The trucks are also equipped with GPS so we can continually monitor their locations.

Business continuity: Maintaining the correct temperature is critical to our cold chain operations. Generators are on standby to power the facility during electricity interruptions or power failures. SMS alerts are sent to key personnel for incidents such as fire, power failures and temperature irregularity, allowing rapid response and intervention. The server room is equipped with Uninterruptible Power Supply and FM200 fire suppressant system, while the warehouse has fire sprinkler and smoke detection systems.