Value Added

As a logistics solutions provider, WLNA provides value-added services to enhance our offerings to our customers.

Project Management

WLNA provides comprehensive solutions to address your supply chain needs.

We strive to first understand and then propose solutions to meet your specific requirements, so that we can be your provider of choice, trusted partner and one-stop shop for logistics solutions.

Bonded Goods Storage

WLNA is licensed to provide logistics for bonded goods.

Our warehouse workers working in the bonded goods zone undergo specialised training to ensure the integrity of your dutiable goods. We facilitate spot checks and will furnish the necessary records to Customs.


Customers venturing overseas can leverage on our deep expertise and experience in logistics and supply chain management, to understand how they can solve their overseas supply chain issues.

WLNA’s consulting services includes and is not limited to:

  • Requirements formulation
  • Planning
  • Facility design including cold room, warehouse and infrastructure
  • Processes such as operations and standard operating procedures (SOP)
  • IT systems setup
  • Distribution and transportation management
  • Equipment requirements such as material-handling equipment (MHE) and other technologies
  • E-commerce logistics support
  • Operations management

High Pressure Processing

High Pressure Processing (HPP) uses chilled water pumped into a high-pressure chamber to kill bacteria and other pathogens in food and beverages. Pressure within the chamber is up to 87,000 psi and only 7.5 minutes is required for the process to complete.

This method extends the shelf life of the items 4 to 6 times over its current shelf life, while preserving the taste and nutritional value of the food and beverages.

The extended shelf lives make for safer food and beverages, presenting new product opportunities for food manufacturers and retailers to capitalise on the technology to create premium and healthier foods.

A proven technology, HPP is in use in the USA, Europe and New Zealand. WLNA is proud to be the first company to introduce the toll technology to Singapore’s F&B industry. Currently under trial, WLNA expects its HPP facility to be ready for operation by Q3 in 2017.